FAQ's from Employers

Is there a cost to the service ? - Service is free.

What would we do, or what service would we provide ? - We can advertise, sift CV’s, pre-screen candidates, support to arrange interviews and follow up as required.

Would we organise CV’s and would we provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates ? – Yes we would organise CV’s and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates. We would also pass feedback to the DurhamWorks Progression team who would support the Young Person in future applications.

Can we organise Apprenticeships ? – No, but we would signpost you to the relevant information and we can provide candidates for apprenticeship vacancies.

How many candidates can we provide ? – Can’t guarantee a figure, but we have a number of Young People registered with us who are work ready.

How long can work trial/work experience be ? – Work trial couple of days, work experience 2 weeks, but can be longer subject to the young person. 

Do we check references ? – No, this would be the responsibility of the employer to check. 

Does my business have to be in the County Durham area? - No, but the candidates have to live in County Durham.

Does it cost to use your service? No, it's a free service connecting and supporting your business growth. We may even be able to help you access funding

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Businesses Involved

  • Dunlop
  • Gillian Arnold - Botanical Britain, Picked, Pressed, Printed.
  • Groundwork - Changing Places Changing Lives
  • Lumley Castle
  • ResQ - Remarkable People